Local SEO Vs National SEO: Knowing The Difference

The world of Search Engine Optimization has been a popularly growing field of internet technology. With more and more businesses, corporations and organizations recognizing the importance of online web presence, SEO has become a vital part of every online business marketing strategy. Business all over the world realizes that a strong online presence easily translates to improved revenues soon or later.

Strategies for search engine optimization can be applied to every kind of local and online business, but there are different strategies that have been designed according to the type of the company. The two strategies, namely local SEO,and national SEO may share a few similarities, but are implemented for different businesses in regard to various purposes.

Local SEO And National SEO: Similarities

Similar Principles:

The end result desired after implementing local or national SEO is the same: creating a web presence which is positive and recurring. Ranking the website higher in the search engine ranking pages (SERP’s) in order to increase traffic conversion rates is the ultimate goal of both the SEO strategies. Helping the website reach the goal is what creates differentiation between local SEO and national SEO.

There is a significant amount of SEO techniques that make local and national SEO different in execution and implementation. However, they do have some set of strategies that are mutually applicable.

Shared Strategies:

One of the most prominent and useful SEO strategies that are implemented in local SEO as well as national SEO is link building. Creating and publishing guest posts and gathering good quality backlinks are shared techniques between the two forms of SEO.

Backlinks have forever played an important role in determining the SERP of a website. So whether the website is for a small local business or large national corporation, guest posting for backlinks is always effective. However, some aspects of guest posting for backlinks, such as which keywords to use as well as what blogs and websites the guest posts are published on may differ on your type of SEO campaign (local or national). Local and national SEO both benefit from the backlinks that derive from resource pages.

Local SEO And National SEO: Differences

Differences In Keyword Selection:

The keywords targeted by the national and local SEO ranking page differ according to their localization. SEO campaigns such as national SEO are usually based on a large budget and manpower, enabling the use of generic keywords for a good position in the SERP. For example, national SEO would be conducted to bring your business at the top of the SERP with The keyword “dental implants”. This would result in your website being highlighted when someone makes a national search for dental implants.

Smaller businesses, however, cannot invest in large SEO strategic campaigns and thus have a relatively smaller SEO campaign in terms of capital investment. The local SEO campaign targets geologically specific keywords, increasing the chances of being noticed by the local audience. For example, local SEO would be conducted to bring your business at the top of the SERP with the keyword “Los Angeles dental implants”. This would result in your website being highlighted when someone makes a local search for dental implants in Los Angeles area.

Local SEO Citations:

This a major difference between the two types of SEO strategies since local citations are unique to local SEO only. Enlisting the information (name, address and phone number) of your business on local online web directories is a local citation and it is an important aspect of local SEO.

It is important to maintain the same NAP (name, address and phone number) information throughout the local citations is necessary since inconsistent data can lower the overall local SEO value. There are several websites available online for local SEO citation such as Superpages, Foursquare, InsiderPages, Merchant Circle, Yelp, Kudzu, LocalDatabase, Bing Local and many more. While national SEO strategies may have the advantage of a much larger target audience than local SEO, using citations for the upper edge can help local businesses multiply their outreach.

Social Media Usage:

Social media is another area of search engine optimization where local and national SEO differ vastly. National SEO has a wide spectrum with more resources, allowing them to create and maintain a much larger social media campaign for increasing the SERP position of the website.

However, local SEO cannot be without a strategic social media campaign since these social media websites are a goldmine for generating targeted traffic with significant conversion rates.

While social media campaigning for a local business may be harder than for a national company, creating a social media presence is essential. Although investing in a full blown social media marketing campaign may be well suited for national SEO, keeping a lingering presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and others will do the trick for local SEO.

Google+ Local:

Google has designed an intricate internal search platform within its search engine to especially highlight the local results. Google+ local rankings do not depend on the number of good backlinks, but on the combined reviews of quality and quantity on Google+ Local. This makes it barely essential for local businesses to maintain a strong Google+ Business Page to create a positive business image in the Google search engine. Local SEO can be revolutionary for a business if combined with Google+ Local and with authentic reviews provided in good numbers, can significantly boost your local business ranking in Google.

However, Google+ Local is ideal for local SEO rather than national SEO since it is specific to the local searches made by Google users. Google+ Local also displays the geographical location of the business on the map, enabling visitors to find the store easily. This results in direct customer contact, giving way for revenue generation and thus effectively adding to the strategy of local SEO.

Search engine optimization has made its way through every business, large or small as people realize the potential it holds. However, creating a balanced strategy for SEO can be more difficult than you might think it is. Local SEO and national SEO may share a few fundamental similarities, but their methods of implementation and result can differ vastly.

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