How to Rank Any Keyword in Simple Steps

Keyword Ranking- your site rank for a keyword majorly impacts your web traffic, lead generation, and sales conversions. The majority of the search engine users prefer to click the results on the first page. Want to get your site on the volatile first page of google? Wondering on how to rank any keyword? Get prepared: We have made it easy for you now!!

Ranking a keyword in an organic search is the repetitive process. For a new website, it can be a difficult job to rank a site on google. But, focusing seriously on the content marketing and SEO can make you hit the bull’s eye.

The simple steps on how to rank any keyword in google:

  1. Prepare Groundwork

You need to have some basics prepared before wishing to rank for any particular keyword.

These essentials include:

A strong Website- With your website being around for a long time, you get better chances of increasing authority and links. It’s very much crucial for your site to follow best SEO practices. If you are unaware of the term, start with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Build Network- In order to rank any keyword quickly, the most important thing is to build a network to share new contents through a blog following, social network and email contacts for link building.

  1. Initial Keyword Research

While targeting particular keyword, you mainly include the following considerations:

A keyword with Good Volume- Usually, people don’t target a keyword that has relatively low search volume, if an equivalent term is much more popular. However, if possible avoid opting a keyword that is too much competitive, select keyword with good volume instead.

 Choose Relevant Keyword- Your chances to achieve some real return on your ranking will increase only If you target the keyword that is actually relevant to your business.

  1. Check Out Competition

 Once your keyword is settled, search it on google and other search engines to check out your competition. Find the number of exact matching domains and check if all the top 10 URL include the keyword, title tag incorporating keyword, the type of content that’s ranking the keyword and the credibility and authority of those sites.

Differentiate your content as well as up to the level of the competition.

  1. Consider Intent

Keep your keyword more specific, use the long tail keyword. It will make easier to gauge the searcher’s intent and it will become easier to serve up those searchers. The intent is the best sign of getting the searchers queries. Consider those keywords to improve keyword ranking.

  1. Conceptual Content

There are many ways to rank any keyword which includes an article, blog Post, product page, an authoritative guide, an infographic, video etc.

The most important thing you need is the conceptual contents, the more you conceptualize your content, the more you can lift your site up in search engines.

  1. Optimize Keyword

Optimize your article content while writing it, rather than optimizing the content later on. Leverage your pre-decided keyword in the content as much as you can. Include image and video file names- the user may not find these if they are not searching for them, but this can almost increase your keyword rankings.

  1. Publish and Promote

 Once your article is ready, finally it’s time to publish it. Now, once your content is published, the most important task you must do is promoting your content. Make sure you promote your content as much as you can to get your content reach as many eyeballs as possible even before it any have a chance to rank a keyword. Share your content on all social sites, your business’s social account. Build links to your content.

Increase your page views and social shares will ultimately help you increase links which will help you top the keyword ranking.

That’s it! So much Simple! So, stop wondering and Get Started!!

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